Catfish returns to stage in "Commedia Robin Hood" : Last Minute Low Budget Productions

Catfish returns to stage in "Commedia Robin Hood"

by Martha Ryan Stafford on 05/09/13

A report from Down South: Catfish returns to stage in “Commedia Robin Hood”

By Voni Glaves
South County Bureau of the Alpine Daily Planet

TERLINGUA — Tomorrow night (Thursday, May 9) marks Catfish’s triumphant return to the stage after four years!

He plays the evil Sheriff of Nottingham as well as jolly Friar Tuck in the Last Minute Low Budget production of “Commedia Robin Hood.”

Also starring are Brittany Lowe as the lovely Maid Marion (hubba-hubba) and the greedy rich merchant, and Deena Nolan as Little John, King Richard, the puppet (literally!) Prince John, and (also the puppet, literally but not figuratively) Lady Ludicrous.

Oh, and Deena also plays Little John and Friar Tuck, both in disguise, and the greedy rich merchant. But before Brittany plays the greedy rich merchant, and also a poor person, but then Catfish and Brittany also play poor people, and, well it sounds awfully confusing but we’re pretty sure we'll get it all figured out by opening night.

Did we mention the kazoos?

Public performances: 7 p.m. Thursday on the patio at La Kiva, followed at 9 p.m. at the Starlight Theatre.

There is no admission for the public shows, but volunteers will be passing the hat to support LMLB’s efforts to bring live theater to schoolchildren in southern Brewster County.

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Last Minute Low Budget Productions
Terlingua, Texas
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The High Sierra @ The El Dorado Hotel donates to the community.  In the photo from left to right - Dr.Doug, Mike Drinkhard, Shannon Carter, Catfish Callaway, Zoey Sexton, Barbara Taylor, Deanna Castillo & Herman Everett.

Dr. Doug, representing the High Sierra Bar & Grill @ The El Dorado Hotel, presented the checks to The Family Crisis Center, Terlingua Green Scene, Last Minute Low Budget Productions and Big Bend Citizens Alliance
Catfish — a one-name man at home on the water and in the theater.  Article by Carlton Leatherwood in the Alpine Daily Planet
Photo by Voni Glaves, South County Bureau Chief.  Shown in the Last Minute Low Budget Productions opening of “Summer Shorts 2012” are Quintin LaFever, Joe Sirotnak, Doug Jones, Denna Nolan, Mary Pickett, Brittany Lowe, Scott Watkins, Jill Jones, Reine Wonite and Kara Sweeney.
Glengarry Glen Ross Rehearsal
The Cast of Glengarry Glen Ross celebrate their opening night performance with Brittany Lowe, center.  Brittany was the recipient of the Glengarry Glen Ross Gala Prize.

Denese Jones of Ghost Town Charities presents a donation of $300 to the LMLB Mercury Theater Fund.